Amenorrhia is the suppression or absense of menstrual periods. This may occur between the periods of pregnancy and nursing, from the age of pubescence to menaupausal periods.

Amenorrhea is distinguished in two
1. Primitive amenorrhea or Amenia: This occurs in young girls at the age of pubescence and afterward.
2. Secondary Amenorrhea: This may set in suddenly in consequence of an accident, shock, or develop gradually causing a more of less complete suspension of menstrual flow.

The most frequent uterine symptoms are
1. Distress in the hypogastrium and the umbilical region.
2. Cutting or boring colic, uterine cutting pains, swelling of the abdomen.
3. Loss of appetite.
4. Nausea
5. Vomitting.
6. Constipation,
7. Swelling of the breasts, with or without secretion of milk.

In Primary amenorrhea the symptoms disappear one after the other in a few days and return again with increased intensity at the time of the next period.
In secondary amenorrhea,, when the menses is suppressed by a sudden cause, the walls of the uterus may get inflammed.

Causes of Amenorrhea:
It could arise from either, deficient secretion of blood from the uterus or the retention of secreted blood in the cavities of the uterus.

In primary amenorrhea: Excessively low body weight, or girls who tend to be excessively flabby.
Extreme changes of temperature, medicaion, foods that harm, insufficient nourishment may be the cause of suppression. A change of lacality, occupation. Stress

A sedentary lifestyle, or someone who participates in activities that require rigourous traing, such as ballet.
Admission to a hboarding school, a long ardurous journey, standing behind a counter for long periods could also cause amenorrhea.

Complete abstemiousness or sexual excesses could also cause amenorrhea.
Exposure to cold air, cold drinks, ice cream, odors, and considerable change in one’s lifestyle or condition.
Abuse of drugs, emetics or purgatives could also be a cause.
Sudden emotional outbursts, such as anger, sudden joy, fright.

With regards to deficient excretion where the blood is retained, it is always produced by mechanical difficulties which prevent the free discharge of blood.

Homeopathy for Amenorrhea
The homeopath, will be guided by your mode of lifestyle, education. It is observed that in cities, the first menses occurs early. Girls who live in the country side a little later.
A sudden suppression is easily removed by homeopathy. A homeopath will study if amenorrhea is the symptom of another condition, or caused by constituitional or accidental cause.

The remedies that will be considered are:
Conium: Exhaustion at the shortest walk, anxiety and sadness, abdominal and uterine cramps.
Dulcamara: Suppression in consequence of a cold, tendency to urticaria, frequent sore throat.
Graphites: Ocassional show of menses, too pale and short, cutting pains, uterine colic.nausea.
Kali carbonicum: Our best remedy for primary and secondary amenorrhea, abdominal cramps, hot flushes.
Lycopodium: Sadness, sour mouth, vomitting, swelling of the feet. Menses are suppressed by the least fright.
Pulsatilla: Amenorrhea when caused by exposure to dampness and cold, semilateral headache, stiches through the face and teeth, stinging and wandering tooth ache.
Sepia: Headache, Migraine. An important remedy in amenorrhea.
Silicea, Sulphur.


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