A cough is a reflex action to clear your airways of mucus and irritants such as dust or smoke.
Coughs may be dry or chesty and most coughs clear up within three weeks.
Homeopathy has wonderful remedies for cough.

Homeopathy and the different types of Cough

1: Dry cough at night, loose in the morning with yellow expectoration better in open air. – Pulsatilla

2: Dry, barking, spasmodic cough with bronchial catarrh. Cough worse before midnight. Better when having warm drinks. – Spongia

3: Deep, hoarse cough, paroxysms follow each other rapidly. Cough worse while lying down, talking, laughing. – Drosera

4: Cough when chest seems to be full of phlegm which does not yield to coughing. Cough with feeling of constriction, nausea, shortness of breath. – Ipecac

5: Dry cough with stitching pain in chest and difficult breathing.- Bryonia

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