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For treating apprehension – a sense of dread without knowing why; unexplained anxiety; presentiments; anxiety for no known reason.

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Populus Tremula
A slender tree with flattened leaf stalks. The pendant male and smaller round female catkins appears in March or April , before the leaves.

Emotional Group : “Fear”

Key Indications :

Inexplicable fears : Fears of anything and everything and cannot specify what , vague fears , apprehensions, Guilt Feeling , Forgiveness , Regret , Self-reproach , Unconscious anxieties and apprehension of unknown origin.


Senseless fears and bad thoughts.
Fear of demons and Ghosts
Paranoiac thoughts.
These people cannot talk about their fears.
Uneasy anxiety that something unpleasant is going to happen.
Night time fear, Night terror related to dreams.
Unpredictable fear for unknown origin .
Fear that “something will happen ” but do not know what.
Have no reasoning for his fears , can not specify why and for what the patient is afraid of.
In severe conditions these fears may cause trembling .
These people are pessimistic , pre occupied with omens , superstitious .
Apply phenomena’s of some superficial powers , believes in the existence of invisible forces , and lives in delusions at times.
They are scared to share about their fearful mid set because they are worried that people will make fun of them and will laugh on them.

Positivity Expected is :

Gets into the faith that they are safe and protected .
Get courage to fight with their vague , unknown fears , feels calm .
Able to face all the unpredictable and unknown difficulties coming their way
Their improved and fearless mind brings them back to better health conditions.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Mimulus– Mild phobias , timidity , nervous anxiety.
Cherry Plum – Aggression and losing control over oneself.
Red Chestnut – Fear and anxiety for welfare of others.
Vervain – In order to guide and command others get nervous exhaustion.
Impatiens – Restless , intelligent , impatient , aggressive , tension from loss of temper.
Holly– Aggressive , uncontrollable temper , nervous on being threatened.
Rock Rose– Terror and fright , past traumas cause anxiety

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