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For treating those who doubt their own judgment and intuition, and seek the advice of others; easily influenced and impressionable.

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Ceratostigma Willmottiana…

A flowering plant from the Himalayas. The pale blue tubular flowers are about 1 cm in length. They are gathered in August and September.”

Emotional Group : “Uncertainty “

Key Indications :

Self Destruct, Seeks advice from others, Self Uncertainty , intuition


They are hesitant people , having low self esteem.
They are unable to take decisions ,uncertainty of self expression.
They do not trust their own judgment .
They depend a lot on what other people say and often get confused due to varying opinions.
They are talkative people because of their tendency to ask lot of questions .
Blindly copies and imitate others
Keep changing doctors and treatment.
They have lack of focus and concentration , they are hardly able to complete the task they
They are greedy of information , but inspire of having so much information they are unable to
Make right use of it and unable to take the decisions.
Immature behaviour , unnecessary laughter , inappropriate comments.

Positivity Expected is :

Vast Knowledge gained during their negative states, now they are able to put it to right use
Able to take their own decisions and start trusting themselves
They depend less on others and stop seeking decisions.
Gain Self confidence
Inner voice grows stronger and believes their intuitive powers.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Scleranthus – Cant Choose between 2 opinions , delays his judgement but doesn’t seek other’s
Centaury – Week willed to take decision for himself. Others make decisions for him and he is a
Willing slave , can’t say no to anybody for anything.
Wild Oat – Fails to take a final decision for the profession which may give him satisfaction
Larch – No self confidence , thinks he cannot do anything.
Cerato – Distrusts his own judgment , but once decided he carries it well.

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