Chestnut bud

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Treats refusal to learn by experience; continually repeating the same mistakes.

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Aesculus Hippocastanum

The same tree also provides White Chestnut Essence from the flowers . In this glossy buds are used.

Emotional Group: Insufficient interest in present circumstances

Key Indications :

Failure to learn from experience, repeating some mistakes, Lack of reasoning and reflecting power, Escapist Mentality


Escapist Mentality , tries to find excuses to quit work.
Lack of observation, doesn’t learn from past experience.
Never handle problems with courage, tries to run away from problems and due to this escapable attitude tries to manipulate ,like having sickness, stomach etc.
Indulges in undesirable behaviour like over eating , eating unhealthy inspire of knowing that it’s not good for him.
Child unable to retain what he learned and help in developing learning capacity.
Lacks maturity and integrity, emotionally unstable, hyperactive disorders like bad behaviour, spontaneous, impulsive movements, careless, clumsiness.

Positivity Expected is :

Becomes calm, mature, wise, joyful
Observes himself and his mistakes
Better focus and concentration.
Quickly learns from his experience and remembers them.
Develops keen observation
Speaks truth and stands by it.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Chestnut Bud – Helps in concentration and memory. If child fails inspire of all round help and hard work and tries to escape from studies then it’ chestnut bud
Mimulus – Student studies well but doesn’t perform well in exam out of fear.
Scleranthus – Child capable of doing well but studying at last moment and passing time elsewhere , and knows that he can do better if he studies.
Honeysuckle – If the student regrets for not doing well and feels that by putting little more effort he could have done better then honey suckle.
Willow – For the child who blames teachers and says teacher didn’t teach well for his own non performance then willow.
Larch– If he fails due to lack of confidence then Larch comes in.

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