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“The Cleanser Flower” treats patients who feel unclean or ashamed of ailments; those who suffer from self-disgust / -hatred; house pride.

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“Malus Pumila

An apple tree, spreading crown , short , thorn like shoots .The tree grows in hedgerows, thickets and woodland clearings. The heart shaped petals are a rich pink and white . Flowering in May.

Emotional Group: Despondency and Despair

Key Indications :

Self disgust , Unclean


Remedy for self hatred
Too much Fastidious, over conscious about cleanliness and hygiene.
Over conscious about contamination, infections.
Too much worried about self appearance and has low self image
Highly misunderstood ideal of purity.
Develops Obsessive compulsive actions like washing hands etc.
Feels like cutting away undesirable parts.
Often get unpleasant sensations as if something crawling on them or dust in eyes or mouth
Give more importance to trivial things and try to find extreme perfection in every Small or big thing.

Positivity Expected is :

Starts appreciating himself
Gains more self respect and self-acceptance.
Sees a bigger picture and gets a clear perspective in life.

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