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Treats the patient who is temporarily overcome by inadequacy or responsibility, though normally quite capable.

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Ulmus Procera

Flowers between February and April. The small very numerous purplish- brown flowers growing in clusters .

Emotional Group: Despondency and despair

Key Indications :

Overwhelmed by responsibility , exhaustion, Capable but temporary inadequacy.


These people are normally at very high , responsible positions.
They are self-reliant , hardworking and intelligent people.
They always over do , take too many responsibilities on their shoulders ,and then get exhausted physically and mentally .
Soon they are overwhelmed by the heap of responsibilities and doubt their ability to complete the task.
They have hurriedness in their actions in order to complete the work undertaken.
Out of their overconfidence they undertake too many responsibilities and then they say that they can’t afford to get ill , or takeout time for themselves.
In extreme cases they tend to get panic.

Positivity Expected is :

Knows his capabilities and undertake only that much that is easy to be done.
Gets inner calm and masters one thing at a time.
Helps organise the mind and get clarity.
Confidence and strength to bear troubles.
Self assurance to complete the task.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Larch – Lack of confidence as he feels in any case he will fail.
Elm – Lack of confidence is temporary , but he is capable to fulfil the task.

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