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Treats the patient who is desperate, without hope; “Oh, what’s the use?”; defeatist

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Ulex Europaeus

Native to Europe , growing on stony ground and heath lands. Fragrant yellow flowers from February to June.

Emotional Group : “Uncertainty”

Key Indications :

Resignation and despair , Uncertainty of purpose, Hesitant, hopeless.


Lack of confidence in doctors and medicines when sick.
Too much of depression, they think of darkness all around , gloomy , think nothing can be improved ever.
Just because others say patient undergo treatment but himself has no hope of getting cured.
Total loss of hope, so doesn’t even wish to correct things.
For future also he is totally hopeless.
Repeated failures and unsuccessful efforts because of total loss of faith .
Negativity is deep rooted that he is least willing to make any efforts.
Uncertainty in everything.

Positivity Expected is :

Gains hope and faith.
Optimism sets in., motivated to improve his conditions.
Unshakable self confidence.
Restores faith in himself and in circumstances and puts efforts
Recovers well from depression.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Gorse– Hopelessness in everything.
Oak – Full of hope even in adverse situations.
Larch – No confidence in themselves.
Scleranthus– Unsteady mind , always unsure of things/ acts.
Gentian–Dejection , ” I can never be cured”.


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