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Treats patients who are obsessed with their own troubles and experiences; talkative bores; poor listeners.

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Calluna Vulgaris ….

Flowers July to September , with mauve pink and occasionally white flowers.

Emotional Group : “Loneliness”

Key Indications :

Self Concern , Self Centred , Selfish


Self Centred and Obsessed by own troubles and concerns.
Want others to listen to his problems as they are the most important of all.
A child willing to hold on to everything, seeks others attention.
Always talks about himself no time to listen to others.
They are very bad listeners.
Talkative Hypochondria , always talks about their own concerns.
They often make mountain out of a mole-hill. They present every small problem as the most verse situation .
Sympathy greedy, do not like to stay alone, always seek company so that they can express their problems.
Talks in minute details.
They seek 100% attention of the listener otherwise they get highly annoyed.

Positivity Expected is :

Learn to listen to others, show more patience.
Understand others and give importance to their problems as well.
Become quite and selfless.
Sympathise and help others
Defocus from own self and own concerns.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Vervain– Loquacity due to enthusiasm.
Cherry Plum – Loquacity due to impulsiveness and instable mind.
Agrimony –Loquacity due to restlessness and attempt to overcome worries by communication.
Willow – Gossiping and blaming others.

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