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Treats patients who are jealous, envious, vengeful, or suspicious.

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Ilex Aquifolium….

A tree or shrub with glossy evergreen leaves and brilliant red berries , growing in woodlands and hedgerows. The male and female flowers are white , slightly fragrant

Emotional Group : “Oversensitive to influences and ideas”

Key Indications :

Envy, Jealousy, Suspicion, Anger, Lack of love, Revengeful, Hatred


Restless irritation, Short tempered, Loose control easily.
Easily annoyed if they are hurt or interrupted, threatened or humiliated.
Cannot see others success, jealous and envious
Explosive , uncontrollable anger
Competitive attitude, revengeful , suspicious.
Unfriendly, highly dissatisfied and no reason for restlessness.
Abusive at times.
Defends himself strongly , shouts in anger

Positivity Expected is :

Understanding and forgiving
Considerations for others
Tolerance, inner peace
kindness and compassion develops

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