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Infant’s Mixture


Bahola INFANTS MIXTURE is a homoeopathic formulation with Gripe Water; properties when given to infants it cures abdominal colic, diarrhoea, dyspepsia,flatulency and restlessness in infants.



Infant’s mixture i a rational combination of remedies which have the follwing actions

1. Chamomilla 2x : It reduces irritability in infants to a great extent. Indicated for Infant’s colic when the child does not respond to anything and wants to be carried . Chamomilla is helpful during dentition diarrhoea.
2. Zingiber Officinalis Q: For infants with weak digestion who suffer from diarrhoea with flatulence and inflamed anus.
3. Embelia ribes Q: Reduces dyspepsia and flatulence in children, also an excellent worm killer medicine.
4. Natrum carb 1x : Cures weak digestion. Child is averse to mild and gets diarrhoea from its intake child suffers from profound debility and exhaustion.
5. Calcarea phos 6x: Wonderful remedy for infants with delayed miles tones.It strengthens the bones, ensures a smooth teething and prevents dentition diarrhoea.

Side effects : No side effects of INFANTS MIXTURE are know.

Contraindications: No Contraindications known.

Interactions : No antidotal and inimical medicines are used in INFANTS MIXTURE. It does not interact with the action of any other medicine.

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