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Treats fear of known things, fear of the world; shyness, timidity, bashfulness.

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Mimulus Guttatus

The plant grows along brooks , streams and in damp places .The large yellow flowers open between June and August.

Emotional Group : “Fear”

Key Indications :

Guilt Feeling , Forgiveness , Regret , Self-reproach


Fear of a defined origin , something that can be given a name .
All kinds of Phobias
Fear of being alone , shyness is there
Fear of public speaking , stage fear
May manipulate illness out of fear.
Fear of going to doctor , fear of heights, fear of water , fear of darkness , fear of old age , any fear that can be mentioned or named.

Positivity Expected is :

Starts facing fears
Gets courage and confidence to face difficulties
Gets inner strength , feels the fear but is now able to overcome the same
Removes tepidness and shyness.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Rockrose– Fears related to storm , earthquake, and war.
Chicory – Fear of being alone
Hornbeam – Even after facing a fear once , his fear doesn’t go , next time again he fears the same
White Chestnut – Apart from being well prepared he is blank at the time of task.

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