Red chestnut

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Treats excessive care for, and concern for, others, especially those held dear.

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Aesculus Carnea

The flowers of the plant are of strong Rose pink , appearing in late May or early June.

Emotional Group : “Fear”

Key Indications :

Excessive fear , anxiety for loved ones


• Fear for the security and safety of loved ones.
• Over care for everyone , even for animals .very kind hearted people
• Feels like protecting weak.
• Insecure feeling , imagines worse things happening.
• Loss of calm , irrational worries and anxieties ,superstitions , faithlessness.
• If unable to protect someone then goes into a mode of self blame.
• Over protective and over caring.

Positivity Expected is :

• Caring and secured feeling comes in.
• Still care and protectiveness is there but with positivity in mind.
• Stops thinking adverse things happening.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Rock Rose – Fright as a loved one is approaching illness or death.
Aspen – Lack of faith , superstitious fears
Cherry Plum – Unable to control temper , fear of unintentionally hearting loved one.
Star Of Bethlehem – Shock or grief after losing a love one
Chicory – Over caring to the extent of fussiness
Agrimony– Mild worries for others welfare.

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