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COFIL is an ideal homoeopathic cough formulation for all types of respiratory diseases where cough is the leading symptom. COFIL ensures immediate, sustained relief from all types of cough. It facilitates expectoration and it is non-habit formin
Bahola Goldrops

Dr. Murty’s Goldrops

The Goldrops formulation is a very efficacious Broncho-Dilator with a rapid onset of action. It is suited for asthmatic patients of all age groups. Goldrops offers immediate relief from constriction of chest, thereby relieving distressed breathing. It also loosens phlegm and facilitates easy expectoration. Regular use of Goldrops diminishes the intensity, frequency of asthmatic attacks.
Bahola Tonsilo


TONSILO is an extremely efficacious Homoeopathic medicine for the treatment of both acute and chronic tonsillitis. More often than not, it reduces the tonsilar size and suppuration, thus, eliminating the need for unwanted surgery.