Heloderma Dilution
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Heloderma Dilution

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2 reviews for Heloderma Dilution

  1. Zia Ahmed

    I am an end user of Homeopathy medicine and want to buy Heloderma medicine of your company but would like to know one thing about the Heloderma medicine, from you that the Heloderma being produced and sold by your company is Heloderma Horridus or Heloderma Horridum. Whether the venom being used for the said medicine is of Gila Monster or of the Mexican Beaded Lizard. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks & regards

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    • kartikmurtys (store manager)

      Dear Sir,
      It is Heloderna suspectum. The Gila Monster.
      Best regards

  2. Zia Ahmed

    Thankyou Kartik Sir for your kind information regarding tje medicine Heloderma produced by your company.
    Now if you may please update me about the availibilty of the (Gila monster’s) Heloderma Suspectum 50M Potency and (Gila monster’s) Heloderma Suspectum CM potency 100 ml each.
    As I want to buy 50M & CM potency of the above mentioned medicine.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks & regards

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