Sinaril Drops

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Bahola  Sinaril is an Effective and safe remedy for cold and coryza. Controls allergic symptoms such as sneezing, lachrymation, nasal discharge and sinusitis. Relieves headache associated with sinusitis. Gives relief without causing drowsiness and sleepiness. Keeps you alert all the time.

Sinaril Bahola
Sinaril Drops $1.92 (Excl Tax $1.71)

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Recommended Dosage: 10-15 drops to be diluted in half a glass of water and taken three times a day or as directed by the Homeopathic physician.

Indications: For Colds, Sinusitis, Coryza, Sneezing, hay fever

Action of individual Active ingredients:

Arsenicum album 12 X: • Runny nose, sneezing • Hay-fever • Hacking cough
Kali bichromicum 12 X: • Discharges from nose, ears, eyes, or mouth • Sneezing • Loss of smell • Cough
Sepia 6X: • Thick, greenish discharges • Dry cough                                                                              Natrum muriaticum 12 X: • Sinusitis – frontal • Fevers and chills • Coughs; Colds
Ferrum phosphoricum 8X: • Colds, Fever • Earaches • Nosebleeds • Tickling cough                                   Kali sulphuricum 8X: • Yellow discharge • loss of smell • runny nose • clogged nose

Available in 30 ml drops

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