It is best to administer the dose in the morning if there is no hurry; when given shortly before bed time, it causes too much restlessness at night._
Dr Hahnemann.

Homeopathically, Ignatia amara has similar indications as other strychnine-containing substances such as Nux vomica. The individual homeopathic indications should be used when selecting the medicine to treat a specific condition.

The guiding symptoms for Ignatia amara include:

  1. Overly idealistic view of life
  2. Very industrious, working too hard to accomplish the ideals
  3. Driven to do the right thing, perfectionism
  4. Anxiety, fear of failure, anticipation that something bad will happen
  5. Ailments that follow a shock, disappointment, grief, or failure
  6. Nervous system irritability, irritable with anything that is said
  7. Cramping, spasms, or abnormal contractions in any part of the body
  8. Depressed mood, feelings of failure, guilt feelings
  9. Inconsolable, desire to be alone

Ignatia Amara Mother Tincture Q

Ignatia amara
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