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For treating weakness of will; patients who let themselves be exploited or imposed upon; subservience; difficulty in saying “no”; doormat syndrome.

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Centaury Erythraea (c. umbellatum)

A very upright grows along roadsides and on waste ground. The small pink flowers appear between June and August, opening only on bright days.

Emotional Group : “Over sensitive to Influences and Ideas”

Key Indications :

Weak Willed , Easily influenced, Self-neglecting, Gentle, Docile.


For the people who cannot say ‘No’
Gentle souls that like to help
They are always ready to serve people on the expense of their own.
They posses weak will power.
They are too open and receptive to the expectations of the others.
In their desired to be loved and serve they become oversensitive to others and their needs.
They are too much involved in pleasing others and so are exploited by uncaring people.
They are submissive and cannot stand for themselves.
They are dependent and easily influenced by others.

Positivity Expected

Develop courage and Self-determination.
Able to draw a line and make space for themselves.
Free of desires and demands of others.
Start giving importance to their own interests and needs
Learn to say ‘no’
Able to defend their options and work on them
Do not get easily influenced by others or other external factors.
Free from stifling obligations.
Come out of slave mental attitude , more self determined

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Walnut– Lack of inner stability , easily influenced by others.
Olive – Physical weakness, get tired soon
Hornbeam – Mental weakness , before undertaking any task start feeling that they cannot do it.
Elm – One feels weak and small in front of others.

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