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Treats the possessive patient who demands respect or attention (selfishness), likes others to conform to their standards; martyr syndrome; patient who interferes and manipulates.

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Cichorium Intybus ….

A much Branched, found on gravel ,and waste land ,on road sides and fields. Blue flowers , very delicate , fading as soon as they are picked .

Emotional Group: Over care for welfare of others

Key Indications :

Selfish and Possessive Love, Over Possessive Nature, Self Pity ,self centred, egoistic


Want of appreciation , Hypochondriac to gain attention.
There are two kinds of chicory states , one outgoing expressive and one is of self-pity and withdrawal
They need a company of only those who care for their comfort and happiness .
Greedy of power and are very possessive.
Love of self , doe everything to serve his self interest.
Wants response and gratitude for their every action
Longs for lost things and those that is unattainable.
They irritate and annoy others when they are ill.
Very manipulative and have plastic smiles and tricks to get their work done.

Positivity Expected is :

They become self-reliant and do not show self-pity any more.
Willing to help others without expecting anything in return.
They become strong and independent individuals.

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