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Treats “dark cloud” of depression that descends for no known reason and which can lift just as suddenly, making patient downcast, saddened, and low.

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Sinapis Avensis

Annual plant growing in fields. The yellow flowers from May to July.

Emotional Group :- Insufficient interest in present circumstances

Keynote Indications :

Black Depression of unknown cause

Sudden depression without any concrete reason.
Least interested to engage with others , lack of motivation, joyless, gloomy and depressive.
Non responsive and dull.
He is unable to hide his gloominess and repressive state from others.
Till the time he is in depressive state , he is unable to enjoy the present moment.
Due to this depressive state the patient avoids meetings and social gatherings.
Regret and regret ion, resignation , boredom
Positivity Expected :

Able to enjoy the present moment.
Inner peace and satisfaction.
Dispelling of depressive and gloomy state.
Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Gentian : Depressive state when expectations are not fulfilled.
Gorse : Total Hopelessness , no desire to live.
Sweet Chestnut : Suicidal depression, extreme gloominess
Rock Water : Too much discipline , deep seeded depression
Chicory : Self Pity , needs lot of attention.

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