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Homeopathy for Otitis   Aconitum Napellus In affections of the ear, Aconite is of service in acute otitis, with maddening pain. Here it is often superior to Pulsatilla or Chamomilla. General feverishness ; pain and soreness of the ear. Temple S Hoyne Facebook Twitter LinkedIn


In Pyelitis, UVA URSI is the most effective remedy._x000D_ _x000D_ Dr. Hughes

Best time to administed Ignatia


IGNATIA, It is best to administer the dose in the morning if there is no hurry; when given shortly before bed time, it causes too much restlessness at night._Dr Hahnemann. Homeopathically, Ignatia amara has similar indications as other strychnine-containing substances such as Nux vomica. The individual homeopathic indications should be used when selecting the medicine […]

Boils – Your #1 Remedy

Clinical tips for Boils. The progress of a boil may be arrested by SILICEA 3X 


One would think of COCCULUS INDICUS in cases which develop a nervous type of dermatitis or eruption. Many of the eczemas and seborrhea fall in this category._x000D_ Dr Joseph S. Hepburn

Homeopathy for Fatigue

ARSENICUM is the remedy for debility resulting from overtaxing of the muscular tissues, such as prolonged exertion, climbing mountains._x000D_ Dr Farrington.

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