Dr Julius Aegidi

My name is Dr. Julius Aegidi, a well-known Allopathic physician and army surgeon. In the autumn of 1830 I was thrown from a vehicle, severely injured my shoulder. In the course of a few weeks very severe periodical pains set in, which shot from the shoulder to the elbow; and gradually I lost the use of the arm more and more, while the sensation of palsy and heaviness increased daily; every, even the slightest, pressure upon the diseased part, caused the most insupportable pains; the shoulder and elbow joints began to swell.

After exhausting my own medical knowledge, I placed myself under the care of several of my most worthy colleagues; but after the lapse of a year the above mentioned symptoms still continued, with even more than their former severity.
In utter despair of any relief from the use of Allopathic remedies I desisted entirely from all medical treatment, and my condition grew worse from day to day.

I concluded to consult Hahnemann!

Dr. Hahnemann asserted that I must have been afflicted with some eruptive disease which had been suppressed, but not cured.

After receiving treatment from Hahnemann, I could lift my arm with comparative ease, and could bend and extend my elbow; the swelling of the joint had disappeared entirely and all pain had left me; and from that time to the present (eight years) I have never had the slightest return of my former complaint.

After so brilliant a confirmation in my own case, I applied myself with zeal to the study and practice of Homeopathy, and have been abundantly rewarded in frequently witnessing the most rapid and permanent cures of the most dangerous and deep-rooted diseases.

I Love Homeopathy,
Iman Navab 

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