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Rececaul Easy Delivery Tablets

  • Aids in ensuring full term normal delivery.
  • Should be given in early stages of pregnancy in women with bad obstetrical history.
  • Controls day-to-day problems during pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, other gastric disturbances, backache, etc.
  • Alleviates anxiety, depression, irritability associated with pregnancy.
  • During labour makes pains streamlined and effectual.
  • Can bring about spontaneous version in foetal malpresentaion.



50 tablets pack.

Rececaul  145.00 (Excl Tax  129.46)

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Recommended Dosage: One tablet thrice daily throughout pregnancy or as directed by the physician..

Indications: History of abortion, stillbirth. Aids in ensuring a full term, normal and smooth delivery.

Rececaul The action of its individual components is as follows:

  1. Actea racemosa 3CH: It prevents hyperemesis, 1st trimester abortions, ensures a shortened labor.
  2. Caullophyllum thallictroides 3CH: Has a marked action the uterus. False labor pains, rigidity of cervical Qs,Passive uterine haemorrhages all come under domain of this remedy. It also corrects tendency for habitual abortion, produce efficient labor pains.
  3. Pulsatilla nigrans 3CH: Irregular, sluggish labor pains respond to pulsatilla. In case of abnormal foetal presentation. In can make a spontaneous version. Also useful for post partum haemorrhage retained placenta.
  4. Kali phosphoricum 2X: As a nerve remedy it controls nervousness, irritability, depression during pregnancy. During labor it enhances feeble and ineffectual pains.
  5. Magnesia phosphorica 2X: Helps in making pains streamlined and effectual.

Side Effects: No side effects of RECECAUL are known.

Contraindications: No Contraindications known.

Interactions : No antidotal and inimical medicines are used in RECECAUL. It does not interact with the action of any other medicine.

Presentation: Available in 50 tablets pack.

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