Cherry plum

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For treating a patient suffering from uncontrolled, irrational thoughts; fear of losing control and doing something terrible; fear of “going crazy”; uncontrolled bursts of temper; impulsive; suicidal.

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Prunus Cerasifera..

The thorn less young shoots of a tree or shrub growing in February to April . The flowers are pure white , slightly larger than those of black thorn or haw thorn.

Emotional Group: Fear…

Key Indications :

Fear of mind losing control, Fanatic, Fear of mental Emotional Breakdown, Desperation and destructive impulses.


The main aspect of Cherry Plum is uncontrollable.
Uncontrollable anger , unquenchable thirst, uncontrollable weeping, unbearable, unreasonable.
Irresistible temptations, intolerable , unbearable pains, anything that is extreme can be related to Cherry Plum.
Mental impulses like killing someone, suicidal thoughts, destructive impulses, temporary insanity.
Impulsive (violent) physical acts. Will hit or abuse family members in fit of anger.
Uncontrollable emotional acts like grinding teeth, shaking legs, rage, desire to bit, clinch, throwing things, shrieking.
Fear of losing control.
Uncontrollable spending , hypersensitive, Hysterical tantrums, shouting , yelling.

Positivity Expected is :

Better control over self.
Trust in God or Divine
Inner calm, clear reasoning and thinking
Able to control emotions, anger, reduced impulsiveness.

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