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Treats despondence; patients who are easily discouraged and rejected; skeptical, pessimistic; depression, where the cause is known.

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Gentianella Amarella

A plant , growing in dry hilly pastures , cliffs. The numerous flowers. They are gathered from August to October.
Emotional Group : “Uncertainty”

Key Indications :

Pessimist, Lack of faith, Doubtful


For relatively mild downhearted People.
A man with the sad face is Gentian. His body language tells that he is not in a good state of mind.
Very dejected , non smiling people , always have a reason to be gloomy.
Highly depressed and disappointed due to lack of faith , they believe difficult times can never get over.
Distrust for themselves. They lack trust in their own capabilities and performance.
Very pessimistic, they think nothing can ever go right.
The man looses faith and is surrounded by depression, uncertainty and discouragement.
Sceptically, talks about problems not about solutions.
Gets discouraged by setbacks, see only dark and gloomy side.
Lacks perseverance and stamina, lack ability to motivate himself. Lacks faith , says that all bad things happen to him , he is born unlucky.

Positivity Expected is :
Remains undisturbed.
Gains faith in God and meaning of life.
He accepts and faces challenges.
Certainty, faith, optimism in all situations.
Strengthened Determination.
Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Gentian– They has self-pity, sadness, and melancholy, lose confidence on themselves.
Gorse – Lose confidence in things which are not confined to them.
Larch – They will not be sad but still lack confidence.

Gentian — Speaks with dejection, Willow– Blames others
Cerato– Always changing doctors, no trust on anyone
Gorse– Hopelessness, Can never get cured

Mustard–Sudden depression, gloom without any reason.
Gentian–Things did not happen as expected. There is a reason for sadness and depression
Gorse–Total hopelessness
Pine–Stands for depression that is self acquired.

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