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Treats the “Monday morning blues” but once started, task usually fulfilled; mental fatigue; procrastination.

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Carpinus Betulus

The pendant male and upright female flowers are a Green -brown and open in April-May.

Emotional Group : “Uncertainty”

Key Indications :

Procrastination, Inertia, Boredom, Mental and physical execution.


Lazy both physically and mentally.
Cannot leave the bed even if awake in the mornings, too lazy to start the day.
Too much apprehensions of the tasks ahead, habit to ignore and avoid to tasks.
Fatigue , tiredness and weakness lie at mental level, physically alright.
Boredom due to monotonous lifestyle and daily routines.
Lacks concentration.
Feels inadequate, tired, lethargic before starting a work but once started he is able to complete it without any difficulty.
Feels weary on seeing the demanding day ahead.
Personal insecurity and hesitancy.

Positivity Expected is :

Gives mental calm and strength.
Gives power to focus and concentrate.
Gets mental clarity
Removes inertia and feeling of inadequacy.
Gets more stamina, enthusiasm and energy
Mind feels fresh all the time and is willing to work.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Hornbeam– Lethargy and fatigue at mental level before starting a work.
Elm – Overwhelmed by tasks and responsibilities and so get exhausted.
Olive – Deep seeded exhaustion in mind and body.
Gentian – Lack perseverance and stamina and pessimism which create exhaustion in mind.
Larch– Lack of Confidence causes weariness in mind and body.
Clematis–Drowsiness, laziness at physical level
Centaury–Physical exhaustion and weariness to overwork
Vervain– Physical exhaustion and nervous tension in order to achieve high goals.
Vine–Push own self beyond the limits of endurance

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