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Treats impatience, irritability, patients who behave in a melodramatic manner.

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Impatiens Glandulifera

A fleshy annual, growing on river banks and in damp places .Flowers are reddish mauve and appear between July and September”

Emotional Group: Loneliness

Key Indications :

Irritable towards others, Impatience, Irritability, Frustration, Extreme Mental Exertion, Hurriedness in thoughts and actions.


Isolation and loneliness is due to attitude of superiority.
Loneliness is self chosen.
They are very fast workers and cannot tolerate the slow working of others.
Snatch work from others in order to finish it fast and perfectly.
They have hurriedness in their actions , this hurriedness is visible in every respect , like talking , walking.
They prefer to work alone at their own pace.
Very industrious persons and hard taskmasters for themselves.
Talks very fast while instructing others.
Always tense and on their toes.
Cannot stand critical remarks by others , easily get offended.
Aversion to company.

Positivity Expected is :

Gentle and kind to others
become more efficient in working
Start accepting others and their way of working
Accept the flow of life and pace of others.
React with patience in difficult times.
Calmness in mind , relaxation and understanding.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Vervain– Tense state , attempt to convince or inspire others. Forcefulness in personality.
Vine – Prone to lead others, Very Ambitious and dominating. Rigid and inflexible mind.
Chicory – Fussy about details, impatience at ingratitude of others.
Beech –Intolerant towards others , critic and fault finders
Rock Rose – Nervous and sudden breakdown in patience, chronic anxiety.

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