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Psoriasis Drops is a homeopathic remedy for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic (long-lasting) disease in which the immune system becomes overactive, causing skin cells to multiply too quickly. Patches of skin become scaly and inflamed, most often on the scalp, elbows, or knees, but other parts of the body can be affected as well. Scientists do not fully understand what causes psoriasis, but they know that it involves a mix of genetics and environmental factors.

The symptoms of psoriasis can sometimes go through cycles, flaring for a few weeks or months followed by periods when they subside or go into remission. There are many ways to treat psoriasis, and your treatment plan will depend on the type and severity of disease. Managing common triggers, such as stress and skin injuries, can also help keep the symptoms under control.

Psoriasis  160.00 (Excl Tax  142.86)

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