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Therapeutics For Homeopaths

Let’s break down the individual therapeutic properties of each remedy and then discuss their combined use for ADHD.

  1. Aethusa cynapium Q:

    • Indications: This remedy is often indicated in cases of ADHD where there is mental dullness, difficulty in concentrating, and a sense of confusion. There may also be digestive disturbances like vomiting or diarrhea, which can be linked to irritability and restlessness in the patient.
  2. Veratrum album 6CH:

    • Indications: Veratrum album is useful when there are marked symptoms of impulsivity, hyperactivity, and restlessness in ADHD patients. There may also be anxiety, fearfulness, and extreme mood swings accompanying the core symptoms.
  3. Coffea cruda 4CH:

    • Indications: Coffea cruda is indicated in cases where there is heightened mental activity leading to sleep disturbances. Patients may have racing thoughts, difficulty in calming the mind, and insomnia due to overstimulation.
  4. Stramonium 9CH:

    • Indications: Stramonium is beneficial when there are intense fears, nightmares, and behavioral disturbances in ADHD patients. There may be aggressive or violent behavior, heightened sensitivity to stimuli, and difficulty in managing emotions.
  5. Hyoscyamus niger 9CH:

    • Indications: Hyoscyamus niger is useful for ADHD patients who exhibit restless behavior, excessive talking, and impulsive actions. There may also be jealousy, suspicion, and a tendency to engage in attention-seeking behaviors.


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