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Mental Torture, Hidden Worries behind a cheerful face, Avoids Emotional pain, internal restlessness.

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Grows in fields , hedgerows and on waste ground. Flowers between June and August Producing small yellow flowers .Each Flower lasts only 3 days.
Emotional Group : “Oversensitive to influences and ideas..”


People who keep their troubles hidden under a mask of pleasure and happiness.
The sad clown masking inner hurt by being the life and soul of party.
Very Happy cheerful people but on the same side restless, agitated from inside.
Suppresses feelings and stress behind a smiling face , hides worries .
Keeps all his worries and problems to himself .
Always likes to be in a company because during loneliness worrying thought haunts him. When alone the mask slips off their face.
Always full of thoughts and preoccupied mind , even causes sleeplessness.
They avoid arguments, bargains.
Addicted to narcotics , to forget his sorrows, may even think of suicides.
They are peace loving people , happy even in the times of sorrow.
Kind hearted People, Introvert and closed.
Can do anything to keep harmony in a relation.
Attracted to people with cheerful nature.
Close their eyes in front of problems, solve their problems alone.
Positivity Expected is :

Agrimony helps to come to terms with the darker side of life, so as to make a person a more rounded human being.
The laughter and happiness is not lost but instead of using it as a source of hiding worries one starts to fight with troubles along with laughter.
Attains carefree attitude, inner strength and harmony.
More attentive in the present moment.
Resume normal cheerful outlook with sharing of their stress.
Expresses worries more clearly and seeks solutions.
Able to forget harsh moments easily and mind frees from stress.
As a mood remedy , Agrimony helps anyone who is trying to hide the painful reality behind false smile.
Comparison with other Bach Remedies :
Gorse– Loss of hope that something can become alright.
Impatiens – They become restless more easily.

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