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What makes Bahola homoeopathic medicines superior?

Bahola’s commitment to quality is evidenced in every aspect of our Business, from rigorous sourcing and testing of Herbs to the development of manufacturing and packaging of Homoeopathic medicines, we have revolutionized the Homoeopathic Industry. In over 65 years of operation, Bahola has not only demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Quality Homoeopathic medicines but also redefined it.

Bahola Mother Tinctures

Working with herbs to consistently manufacture high-quality mother tincture is not easy as plants are naturally complex and the quality of the Mother tincture can vary enormously, presenting Bahola

with continual challenges. These challenges are numerous and include the inherent Biological and chemical variability of herbs, the influences on quality of growing, harvesting, drying and storage, extraction of the mother tincture. Put simply, not all herbs contain the same level of active constituents. Not all herbs are grown or harvested or dried or stored in the same way.

Before any herb is purchased, a sample of the batch being offered for sale is analyzed by the Quality Control Laboratory and compared to the quality criteria specified by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India. At this point, we regularly reject herbs as only the herbs that meet or exceed the strict quality criteria are purchased.

When we receive the purchased batch of herb, it is sampled according to a statistically valid sampling plan and then subjected to the same battery of tests as the pre-purchase sample. Only if the herb passes this second set of tests is the batch accepted into the factory for further processing.

Depending on the specific herb, the quality assurance process includes testing herbs for:

  • Colour
  • Aroma
  • Texture
  • The content of specified actives
  • Thin Layer Chromatography fingerprinting
  • Microbial levels
  • Amount of extraneous matter
herb quality

Our stringent testing regimes guard against:

  • Substitution of species: one herb may be substituted for another less costly herb
  • Adulteration of herbs: a high quality and expensive herb may have a cheaper herb or pharmaceutical mixed in with it
  • Poor quality of herbs: herbs can vary enormously in quality and this means the effect you and your patients feel can vary enormously.

This ensures that the herbs approved for use in Bahola Mother tinctures are of the correct species, are the correct plant part, have the correct active constituent profile and are free from contamination. Therefore you as the clinician can rest assured that the Bahola Mother tincture contains exactly what it says on the label.

Once the plant is tested, the method of manufacturing the mother tincture purely depends on the chemical constituent of the plant. It will either be extracted by Maceration if the plant is fresh, is a resin or contains gums. All other are extracted by cold Percolation. Bahola only uses Extra neutral alcohol that complies with the Indian Pharmacopeia. Once the process is over the samples are sent to the QA laboratory where they are analysed for its phytochemical profile, the level of actives, consistency, and verification of Original herb with no deterioration or degradation. Only when it passes these tests is it bottled for sale.

Bahola Manufactures over 450 Mother tinctures

Hand Made Homeopathic Dilutions

Bahola follows the traditional method of potentising, BY HAND. Each dilution is made painstakingly by succession by hand. Each potency is made in a fresh glass vial so that there is no contamination of another drug or another potency. These back potencies are stored for further use. All potencies till 200 C are made by hand following the Hahnemannian method. Higher potencies are also made by hand following the Korsakovian method. Each step is documented and validated to ensure that quality is always maintained. The quality of the potency depends on the individual who potentises the drug. We, therefore, employ men or women who are in the pink of health, in a cool place, in a stress-free environment. This makes our dilutions far superior to any available in the market.

Bahola Manufactures over 750 Dilutions.

These are available in the following potencies 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X. 6CH, 30CH, 200CH 1M, 10M, CM.
Hand Potentisation

Bio Chemics, Bio Complex, Triturations.

Our Bio Chemics are superior quality as they are STARCH free. We use the minerals as they are found in the natural form. When a mineral is synthesized it does not have the energy as the same mineral obtained from its natural form. The efficacy of the drug will therefore greatly vary. Furthermore, our tablet process has been the focus of extensive research and development to ensure that the finished tablet is soft to chew and dissolves quickly.

They are available in the

3x, 6X, 12X and 200X potencies as tablets/ powders

They are available in 25gm and 450 gm.

Bahola manufactures all the Bio Chemics and the 28 Bio Complexes.

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