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Treats patient who is indifferent, inattentive, daydreaming, absent-minded, escapist from reality.

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Clematis Vitalba ….

A woody climber found on chalky soils and lime stone ,thickets and woodlands .The fragrant flowers are surrounded by four greenery -white , downy sepals.

Emotional Group : “Insufficient interest in present circumstances”

Key Indications :

Lack of Interest, Day dreamer, mental escapism


All high ideals , but only in dreams, no practical action taken.
Indifference in daily affairs and routine, life appears too boring.
Dreams in future and remains unhappy in present.
Making castles due to which present work gets spoilt.
may not hear the words spoken , absent minded, in her own thoughts
Get addicted to drugs .
May complaint of out of body experiences and sensations.
Good for unconscious state or coma.

Positivity Expected is :

Gets better control over her thoughts.
Starts staying happy in the present moment and stops dreaming about future.
Seeks and hears with attention.
Still remains in his dream world but on the same side starts working to achieve that.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Clematis – Preoccupied mind , full of fantasies, makes castles in air.
Chestnut Bud – Lives in present , no dreaming but on the same side doesn’t pay attention to things that do not interest him.
Wild Rose – Lost total interest in life , apathetic.

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