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Treats brave, determined types who struggle on in illness and against adversity despite setbacks; plodders, never resting.

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Quercus Robus

It grows in woodlands and grassland. Male Female flowers develop on the same tree , flowering between the end of April and early May.

Emotional Group : “Despondency and Despair”

Key Indications :

Struggles , Despair , strength , endurance


Even if the patient is going through hardships and sufferings , he shows full devotion and loyalty towards fulfilment of duty.
Takes Lot of pains and goes beyond the call of duty….
Takes full responsibility over his shoulders , Seriousness of intentions, perseverance.
He indulges himself in a task for which he has least knowledge , he believes nothing is impossible and becomes overconfident in undertaking any task.
In order to accomplish his work he ignores himself and neglects the rejuvenating power of recreation.
They keep on working hiding their tiredness or ill health from others.
These people suffer a lot inside sometimes. They never complaint. No space for emotions like self pity , selfishness or discouragement.
Despondency and despair develop as rewards are not forthcoming , or as pressures become too great and duties can’t be fulfilled further due to mounting exhaustion .
If he is unable to reach his goals due to health reasons he feels sorry.
May appear to be introvert.
Even in the most adverse of conditions he never accepts defeat and continues the faith in the belief of ultimate victory.
A gambler is a very good example who plays till the end even after losing all his assets and says “one last go”.

Positivity Expected is :

Oak people have the capability to stand great strains , are patient and full of common sense ..
So now before taking up any task in hand they are better off in calculating whether they can accomplish their task or not.
Possess all attributes of a winner , immense power of resistance , lots of will power ,courage , devotion to duty , high ideas
Will be able to recognise or analyse their limits .

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Gorse – Looses hope easily unlike oak
Vervain – Full of enthusiasm and will power.
Olive – Exhaustion and tiredness to the inner level
Centaury– Low energy because of devotion to services

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