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Treats those drained of energy, for whom every task is an effort; the physically fatigued.

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The olive trees , an evergreen native to the Mediterranean .They have inflorescence white flowers.

Emotional Group : “Insufficient interest in present circumstances ”

Key Indications :

Extreme and total Exhaustion


The patient is in a deep exhaustion state …He is so much tired and exhausted that every small work becomes a hard work for them .
The tasks which they used to relish are of no interest to …them any longer because of extreme tiredness.
They feel bored of a particular work very easily .Mind gets tired of monotonous work .
Their concentration power is too less and have less mental clarity.
There’s lack of stamina at physical and mental level
Absent minded , loss of memory , nervous weakness
Unable to finish the task undertaken due to exhaustion , frequently need to rest.

Positivity Expected is :

Is able to restore balance and peace
Is able to recoup and rejuvenate himself.
Taking Olive before a stressful strenuous work helps in reducing exhaustion

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Hornbeam – Tired , unwillingness to start the new day , lethargy
Centaury – Get tired in too much pleasing others
Oak – Tired from overwork but still keeps on working.
Rock Rose – Great physical exhaustion due to over responsiveness.
Gorse – Resignation , hopelessness.
Elm– Tired ,weary , lack of interest in performing tasks.
Walnut and White Chestnut–Tiredness from mental work

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