Resque Remedy Bach Flower Remedy


Resque Remedy is a mix of five different Bach Flower Remedies, which together help deal with any stressful or emergent situation to give a person emotional support, peace and stability.


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What is in Resque Remedy?

  • Cherry Plum – is for hysteria or loss of self-control – If you have temper
    tantrums, hysteria, hyperactivity, sudden outrages, are abnormally abusive, or
    feel as if you are about to explode, have PMS, or feel that you are on the verge
    of a breakdown, or fearful of releasing emotions etc. – It helps with calmness and
  • Clematis – is for faintness/dreaminess – Dreamy, unable to concentrate,
    dizziness, absentmindedness, inattentiveness, lethargy, etc. – It assists with
  • Impatiens – is for undue agitation – When you are irritated by other
    people’s slowness, or are always in a hurry, and want things to happen or to be
    done right now, if you are restless, and talk and think quickly, or are
    hyperactive, short-tempered etc. – It assists with patience.
  • Rock Rose – is for terror and or panic – Thunderstorms, certain insects
    and animals, going to the dentist, flying, having an operation, exams, public
    speaking, interviews, the dark, night terrors, heights, claustrophobia, anxiety
    attacks, separation anxiety etc. – It helps create peace and fearlessness.
  • Star of Bethlehem – is for shock and trauma (timeless) – Receiving bad
    news, after being stung by an insect, emergency situation such as a car
    accident, loss of a job, death of a loved one, etc. – Assists with comfort and

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