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Treats feelings of guilt; self-blame for the mistakes of others; feelings of unworthiness.

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Pinus Sylvestris

A slender tree reaching a height of up to 100ft .It’s bark brown red lower down and orange brown in the upper crown.

Emotional Group : “Despondency and Despair”

Key Indications :

Guilt Feeling , Forgiveness , Regret , Self-reproach


This person suffers from a lot of guilt .
He can’t forgive himself easily for his own deed.
If things go wrong they tend to blame themselves and suffer because of that guilt . Even if it’s not their fault they take whole blame on themselves.
These people curse themselves for all misconducts and all wrong things happening around.
These people keep very high standards for themselves not for others and feel guilty and responsible if they are unable to perform nicely.
For all falls and fails in life he broods and despairs.
They involve themselves in many social , charitable works in order to remove their feeling of guilt or to compensate for their sins.
Their intake of responsibility of any wrong thing happened can move to an extent of punishing themselves , they may turn suicidal at times.
They go into self mechanism mode to raise self-image , ritualistic , perfection oriented.
They may have outburst of temper , changeable moods .
Too humble , hardworking and ready to apologies at every single thing.

Positivity Expected is :

Stops brooding over his mistakes , tries to improve them. Learns from his mistakes.
For every small negative happening stop blaming himself.
Supportively accepts his mistake and learns to let go.

Comparison with other Bach Remedies :

Crab Apple– Fear of contamination , Fear of uncleanliness
Aspen – Lack of faith , superstitious fears , delusions
Rock water – Unable to control temper , fear of unintentionally hearting loved one.
Oak – Shock or grief after losing a loved one , overly responsible ,over conscious
Chestnut bud – Submerging guilt into subconscious , over caring to the extent of fussiness .
Centaury– Blaming others , consider themselves responsible for everything.
Wild Rose– Feels undeserving

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