Liverol Syrup

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Liverol is a homoeopathic patent medicine from Bahola which streamlines the functioning of liver.  It is also a extremely effective recovery   medicine after jaundice.

Bahola Liverol
Liverol Syrup $0.11$0.30 inc. GST

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Recommended Dosage: 2 teaspoon a dose twice a day

Indications: Uselful in all cases of poor functioning of liver leading to digestive disorders, Jaundice, prevents worms in Children

The action of its individual  components is as follows:

  1. Chelidonium majus : Is indicated in jaundice arising as a result of hepatic and gallbladdu obstruction.  Nausia, Vomiting, bitter mouth taste, sluggish bowels distension of abdomen is relieved by chelidonium .
  2. Chelone glabra : When jaundice is accompanied by debility, malaria, dyspepsia.
  3. Berberis vulgaris: Its action on live promotes flow of bile thus preventing bile stasis and formation of gall  stones.

Side Effects : No side effects of  LIVEROL  are known.

Contraindications: No Contraindications known.


Interactions : No antidotal and inimical medicines are used in LIVEROL It does not interact with the action of any other medicine.


Presentation:  Available in 100ml, 200ml and 450ml pack.


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100ml, 200ml, 450ml

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