Measlescare Drops

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Bahola Measlescare is a wonderful remedy for Measles.

Measles is a very contagious infection that causes a total-body skin rash and flu-like symptoms.

Measles is caused by a virus, so there’s no specific allopathic medical treatment for it. This is where Homeopathy helps. A child who is sick should drink plenty of liquids, get lots of rest, and stay home from school, daycare, and other community or group activities to prevent spreading the infection.


Measlescare Drops $2.24 (Excl Tax $2.00)

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Symptoms of measles

The first symptoms of measles develop around 10 days after you’re infected. These can include:

  • cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing, and a cough
  • sore, red eyes that may be sensitive to light
  • watery eyes
  • swollen eyes
  • a high temperature (fever), which may reach around 40°C (104°F)
  • small greyish-white spots in the mouth
  • aches and pains
  • loss of appetite
  • tiredness, irritability and a general lack of energy

The measles rash appears around 2 to 4 days after the initial symptoms and normally fades after about a week. The rash:

  • is made up of small red-brown, flat or slightly raised spots that may join together into larger blotchy patches
  • usually first appears on the head or neck, before spreading outwards to the rest of the body
  • is slightly itchy for some people

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